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Cultivating cool climate grapes on the cusp of an emerging wine region, we embrace the contrast of long sunny days and cool nights to produce crisp and aromatic handcrafted wines. 

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_HHQ3670 vista_burned


2018 Vista


Using the traditional wine-making method of co-fermentation, this blend is made mostly of our signature grape – Siegerrebe. Known as the Victory Vine for its hardiness, this aromatic white is complimented by the delicate flavours of Ortega, Madeleine Angevine and Madeleine Sylvanner.

This blend is made from grapes grown on site and from two other local vineyards, one in Crescent Bay and the other in Burton. Maximizing the advantages of these unique micro-climates, this wine represents a true Arrow Lakes Valley wine.

Vista is light-bodied, medium-dry, and has intense aromas of ripe peach, melon and tropical passion fruit.



_HHQ3673 gwertz_burned


2018 Gewürztraminer


With exotic notes of lychee, tropical fruit, citrus blossom, and rose petal this off-dry, well balanced white wine finishes with notes of pear and white flower.

We’ve worked hard to establish these vines here on site, and recommend you pair this easy drinking wine with something nice and spicy – meal or company – your choice.






_HHQ3676 baccus_burned


2018 Bacchus


Named after the Roman God of Agriculture and Wine, Bacchus is a cross between Riesling x Sylvaner x Müller-Thurgau. This bold and intrepid white wine has powerful aromas of grapefruit and other citrus; on the palate it invokes flavours of gooseberry, green apple and a hint of honey.

Bacchus is well suited to growing in cool climates such as ours. Enjoy sipping this fruity wine on a patio and pair it along side a local chicken from McCormack Farm in Burton or a fillet of ling-cod caught on Arrow Lake.





_HHQ3680 foch_burned


2018 Maréchal Foch


A deep, bold wine with strong aromas of buttery caramel, black cherry and vanilla. On the palate it has flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and a hint of smoke and oak on the finish. This wine is made from the oldest vines in the valley. Our vines on site started from clippings from an old vineyard in Burton.

This vine is named after the French marshal Ferdinand Foch, who played an important role in the negotiation of the armistice terms during the closing of the First World War.

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