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Cultivating cool climate grapes on the cusp of an emerging wine region, we embrace the contrast of long sunny days and cool nights to produce crisp and aromatic handcrafted wines.  Visit our Online Store


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2017 Gamay $25.00

With a medium body, bright acidity and a ruby red colour, this Gamay introduces an elegant palate of buttery caramel, molasses, dark jam and a hint of pepper, with aromas of ripe blackberry, blueberry, and oak.

Trailhead Red $22.61

With aromas of caramel, cherry, and strawberry, and a rich blend of dark berries with a hint of oak on the palate, this wine is a light, fruit forward, silky smooth blend of Gamay and Zweigelt. Trailhead Red is a testament to our local backcountry and is perfect for a day of exploring our beautiful rivers, hot springs, mountain peaks and powder covered slopes.

2019 Maréchal Foch $30.00

(sold out)

This Marechal Foch is a rich, robust, and beautifully balanced red wine with earthy and vanilla aromas. On the palate, expect flavours of jammy dark fruit, plum, and cocoa with a hint of smoke on the finish

2019 Zweigelt $30.00

(only available at the Winery)

This Zweigelt is a fruit forward explosion of raspberry and sour cherry flavours and aromatics of plum, baking spice, and peppercorn. This light bodied, bright, medium acidity wine makes the perfect picnic wine. 

2019 Rosé $22.61

(sold out)

Pinot Noir Rosè with complex aromas of wild strawberry and red licorice. Bright
acidity, lush off-dry and very refreshing. Perfect summer sipper.

2020 Rosé $22.61

Zweigelt grapes grown on the western shore of the Lower Arrow Lake come together to make this intricate Rosé. With a delicate pink hue and aromas of fresh strawberry and red licorice, this complex, off-dry wine provides bright flavours of watermelon, white cranberry, and cherry, with a crisp acidity.


2020 Rivaner $20.00

This Rivaner boasts elegant aromatics of flower blossom and lime zest. With a palate of green apple, kiwi and a hint of citrus, this light bodied, off-dry wine has a unique freshness and is very food friendly. 

2020 Vista $20.00

(only available at the winery)

The traditional wine making method of co-fermentation again lends itself to the complex flavours indicative of our Vista. This blend of Siegerrebe, Ortega, Auxerrois, and Osceola Muscat, forms a truly unique Arrow Lakes Valley wine. With intense floral and tropical aromatics and notes of ripe peach, melon and pineapple, this off-dry and refreshing white wine is the perfect summer-sipper and is a local favourite. 

2020 Gewürztraminer $20.00

(only available at the winery)

This Gewürztraminer has exotic notes of lychee, orange blossom, and rose petal perfume. This off-dry, well-balanced wine combines flavours of stone fruit and white flower, with a lingering note of citrus on the finish. Pairs well with Asian dishes, barbecue chicken, and spicy foods. 

2020 Siegerrebe $20.00

Known for its powerful muscat-like floral aromatics, Siegerrebe (pronounced zee-guh-ray-buh) is the embodiment of a unique cool-climate grape perfectly adapted for the Arrow Lakes region. With a rich palate of nectarine, tropical fruit, and sweet citrus, this bright and clean white wine teases a complex aroma of rose and flower pedal.  

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