Are children permitted in the lounge and tasting room?

Yes, we are a family friendly establishment! We even have some toys, colouring, and a small play area.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Unfortunately, we no longer allow dogs on site at the winery. We have a very small lounge area and it’s not really suitable for dogs. We also had an incident where one of our staff was attacked by a dog on site.

How many cases do you produce?

Last year we produced 750 cases total.

How did you get into this business?

Initially Brenda and Jody planted some grapevines as a landscaping feature when they operated the Bed and Breakfast (for 10 years before the winery). After touring wineries in the Shuswap, Jody became interested in viticulture and started to plan wine grape varieties on the property. In 2007, he attended the Okanagan College Vineyard Management program and did a practicum with D’Angelo Winery in Naramata. He helped to establish the Arrow Lakes Grape Growers Society which managed a series of climate data loggers throughout the valley as well as two test plot vineyards.

Do you have to buy grapes from out of region?

Yes, at this time, we cannot source enough grapes from the Arrow Lakes Valley to meet our demand. We have a farmer that we work with in Salmon Arm and we also sometimes buy grapes from Creston and the Okanagan. We are working with local landowners and farmers to plant more vineyards in this valley.

Are your wines organic?

While not certified organic, aside from our treated posts, we use organic farming practices. We do not use any herbicides in our vineyard.

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